Meet Terry Sullivan

Author of My Sag Harbor Bird Notebook, A Conversational Survey in Poetry, Prose, Photography, and Prints.

      Join us in welcoming Terry Sullivan, naturalist, birder, and author. On Sunday May 15, 2016 at 3 pm, Azurest’s Terry Sullivan will be reading from his new book, My Sag Harbor Bird Notebook, at the Palmer Vineyards at 5120 Sound Avenue Riverhead NY 11901.   For some twenty-five years many East End folks have known Terry Sullivan as a singer of traditional Irish, African, Spanish and Yiddish music. He followed the path of his mentor and friend Pete Seeger, and sang onstage with him more than 100 hundred times. Indeed, He may be the only licensed plumber that has sung in Carnegie Hall (with Pete Seeger in 1991.)   

      Sullivan’s poetry has appeared in many quarterlies and is included in Sag Harbor Is a Literary Celebration, (2006, Harbor Electronic Publishing). His short stories have been published in many East End papers, including the weekly Dan’s Papers.

      For the last twenty years he has written stories about Nature, including birding, following yet another mentor and friend Larry Penny, noted East End columnist for the East Hampton Star. Penny refers to Sullivan’s My Sag Harbor Bird Notebook as if “…Aesop, himself, wrote this book.  Aesop described the follies and successes of early people by putting their words and thoughts into the mouths and minds of creatures familiar to those people.  Terry Sullivan does the same with birds.”

      The tone of the book is a fireside chat illustrated by spectacular pictures contrasted with some comedic flavor. Mr. Sullivan will read selections from the book as well as present copies of the pictures and drawings. He will explain how he’s captured these striking images with a very basic technique you can adopt for your own local nature walks. His hope for this book is to encourage generations of people to go birding together, thereby exposing all of you to the natural wonders abounding in your neck of the woods.


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